Henry Talley 1" Scope Mounts (H009, H010, H014, H018, H024 and H027 Series)

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Strong, lightweight 7000 Series Alloy construction. One-piece design eliminates the need for separate bases as these mounts will screw directly into the factory drilled/tapped holes on your rifle. Blue finish.

Low: .510″

Med: .610″

Please be sure you are ordering the correct mounts to fit your rifle since they will only fit the models referenced below. With the multitude of scopes available in the marketplace, we cannot match specific scope models to mount heights and it would be best to consult with Talley Manufacturing Inc in such cases. Only new, unmounted parts will be accepted for Return.

Will fit the following Henry models:

H009, H009B, H009AW, H009GAW, H009CC, H009GCC, H009X, H009WL, H009GWL, H009BWL

H010, H010B, H010AW, H010GAW, H010CC, H010GCC, H010X, H010WL, H010GWL, H010BWL

H014-223, H014S-223, H014WL-223, H014D-223, H014-243, H014S-243, H014WL-243, H014D-243, H014-308, H014S-308, H014WL-308, H014D-308, H014-65, H014S-65

H018-410 (with drilled and tapped receivers), H018-410R, H018-410AH

H024-3030, H024-35, H024-3855, H024-4570

H027 9mm Carbines

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