Henry Big Boy Ring and Base Sets (H006/H012 Series)

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  • $ 49.99

  • Fits H006 (must be 2nd Gen with drilled/tapped receiver) and H012 Series hole spacing only.
  • Made in the USA by Talley Manufacturing.
  • Precludes the need for separate rings and base matching.
  • One size fits all scopes with a 1" main tube and up to 50mm objective lens.
  • Includes mounting hardware and tool.
  • Measures out at 4 7/8" in length.

Will fit the following Henry models:

H006, H006R, H006M, H006MR, H006C, H006CR, H006S, H006MS, H006CS, H006ML, H006MML, H006CML, H006D, H006D2, H006D3, H006D4, H006ES, H006TT, H006OM, H006GBA

H012, H012G, H012R, H012GR, H012AW, H012GAW, H012CC, H012RCC, H012GRCC, H012GCC, H012M, H012GM, H012MAW, H012GMAW, H012MRCC, H012GMRCC, H012MCC, H012GMCC, H012C, H012GC, H012CRCC, H012GCRCC, H012CAW, H012GCAW, H012CCC, H012GCCC, H012X, H012MX, H012CX

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