Henry OTIS Ripcord (For Cals: .17, .22/.223, .243, .30, 9mm/.38/.357/.360 Buckhammer, .45)

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Henry OTIS Ripcord® cleans from Breech-to-Muzzle® in one quick and easy pass. The molded rubberized core and Nomex® fibers together create a more effective way to trap & remove fouling. Heat resistant up to 700 ̊ F. Rigid, durable materials trap fouling better than nylon products. Acts as both a brush to loosen and a patch to capture fouling particles. Keeps the Nomex® cleaning surface pressed against the bore ensuring an aggressive 360 ̊  clean. Rifle/Pistol Ripcords® contain a helix to engage rifling. Shotgun Ripcords® feature a three leading edge design. Brass ends with 8-32 standard thread accommodate additional components.

Length: 36"


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