Henry EGW Picatinny Rail (H015 Series Single Shots)

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Made in the USA for Henry by Evolution Gun Works.

One piece sturdy aluminum construction provides a rock solid mounting point for your choice of scope and rings.

Includes all hardware needed to attach the base to your rifle or shotgun.

Measures out at 5" with 12 adjustable slots.

The rear sight must be removed on all models in order to provide clearance for the base. This is a simple operation as the sight is pressed into a standard 3/8" dovetail.

Be sure the firearm is unloaded, then use a blunt punch (brass, wooden dowel, etc.) to drive the sight out from left to right as the muzzle is pointed downrange in a safe direction.

H015 Series shotguns except for model H015-12S (Slug Gun), are not factory pre-drilled and require a professional gunsmith's services to create a mounting point for this hardware.

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