Henry America's Rifle Cap

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Made in the USA by Graffiti for Henry. 100% cotton twill, one size fits all. Adjustable hook and loop (Velcro) back.

We salute the prized lever action-- America's own rifle with this six-panel sand-color cap that is a perfect companion to our Henry America's T-Shirt.

Our retro Henry logo and cowboy on the side is just above "Pat. 1860", referencing Benjamin Tyler Henry's legacy in rolling out the first Henry rifles. Show your dedication to the history of one of America's best innovations with this comfortable cap!

"In uniform, one man with a Henry repeater could put out the same volume of aimed fire in one minute that an entire infantry squad could with 1863 Springfield rifles. A hunter, prospector, homesteader, peace officer, or cattle rancher had infinitely better chances of bringing home the bacon, fending off marauders of all sorts, and backing down belligerent owlhoots, with a long gun that held one up the spout ready to go, backed by up to 15 more right in line and ready for action."

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