Grovtec Hammer Extensions

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 Hammer extensions to provide an offset for the shooter's thumb to safely lower or cock the hammer when a scope is mounted and there is limited access to the hammer spur. Offered in black metal finish.

GrovTec Made In USA Hammer Extensions

HGTHM-284 fits ALL Henry .22s rimfire H001/H003/H004 series

HGTHM-283 fits Henry ALL centerfire H006/H009/H010/H012/H014/H015/H018/H024 series

The extension fits snugly over the hammer serrations on H014 and H015 models.

Tap with a plastic screwdriver handle or plastic mallet until flush with the tip of the hammer spur. 

Note for model H006 series Big Boy owners only:

New Hammer

Please note that the Henry Big Boy was recently updated. This hammer extension will fit on the new version. It will look like this.

Hammer Old

If your Henry Big Boy has the old style hammer, as pictured here, call customer service at 866-200-2354 as you will need to obtain the new style hammer.

Any questions? We are happy to help. Use this form, or call toll-free 844-451-1899.