Henry Nine Line Apparel H010X .45-70 T-Shirt

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Made in the USA by Nine Line Apparel for Henry. True to size, 100% combed and ring-spun cotton; offered in men's medium through XXL.

A great addition to your wardrobe with or without the rifle it's based on, this black tee in collaboration with our friends over at Nine Line Apparel displays a full schematic of our Henry H010X .45-70 X Model rifle in such awesome detail that you may just have to stop to let someone look it over. Nine Line's logo on the shoulder as well as our own Protect & Provide logo in the front drive home that with any of our X Model rifles, you can both defend and put food on the table!

"The lever action .45-70 has been around forever, but that doesn’t mean it needs to stop evolving to meet modern needs."

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