Henry America Knits Medium Heather Gray Pocket Tee

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Fabric for premium tees:

  1. Cotton harvested from Davis Family Farms and McCleskey Cotton Company. Both in Georgia.  (Next year, cotton will be harvested from the Carolinas, Delta, and Texas as well to spread the news across the country)
  2. Knitting done at Contempora Fabrics in Lumberton, NC.
  3. Yarn spun at Parkdale Mills in SC plant
  4. Fabric dyed and finished at Carolina Cotton Works in SC
  5. Cut-sewn-printed and packed in Swainsboro GA.
  6. Average tee travels over 30K miles including cotton travel.  Ours travels 236 miles as the crow flies.  Sustainable!
  7. Yarn count is 26/1’s CPRS 100 percent cotton on all colors except the medium heather gray, it is 90/10 cotton poly.  Fabric weight is 5 oz per square yard, perfect weight to get a good drape, softness, and not be to sheer.

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