Swivel Kits

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GrovTec 1" swivel kit. Made in USA. For Henry rifles that do not have existing swivel stud attachments from the factory. If your gun already has the mounting points, all you will need are 1" swivels only at this link : HGTSWO1 1" Sling Swivels Only(Pair)

Fits 1" slings only.

HGTSW-40 fits all Henry rimfire H001/H003/H004 series rifles

HGTSW-302 fits Henry centerfire H006/H009/H010 series rifles. Please note this kit will not fit current Production H009B Henry Brass .30/30 Rifles above Serial # TTB041010.

HGTSW43 fits all H009B rifles above serial # TTB041010

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