H018 Series & H024-410 Reduced Capacity Inner Magazine Tubes

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Limits any Henry H018 Series (and H024-410) .410 bore lever action shotguns to a capacity of three shells total (two in the magazine).

  • Removable, screw-in plug to easily switch back to a full capacity five round tube for range fun or hunting unrestricted areas.

  • Ensures compliance with federal migratory waterfowl shell limit (3 total) as well as states with the same restrictions for all shotguns during open game seasons.

  • Sturdy construction for years of lasting service.

  • Henry factory original component.

  • Made in USA.

    We do not offer reduced capacity inner magazine tubes for those in restricted areas for any other models; if needed, it is recommended to purchase a spare for/use the existing tube in your firearm and have a local gunsmith reduce/limit it as required.

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