Henry Espresso Target Cap

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Made in the USA by Graffiti for Henry. 100% cotton twill, one size fits all. Adjustable plastic tab back.

One of our most unique caps is this two-tone espresso cap embellished with multiple different eye catching aspects. On the lighter end is an outdoor pattern with our classic cowboy logo and Henry motto dedicated to our quality:

"Made In America or Not Made At All"

With that is also the visual of a buck within crosshairs to show off the providing end of our Protect & Provide motto, its logo you can find on the darker side of the backend. Give yourself a kick like the real thing with this cool coffee-colored cap.

"Having the means to protect yourself, your family, and your property is more important than ever. For the home and the field, Henry firearms provide great choices for those in need of a double-duty firearm for hunting and defense."

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